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Five Items To Discuss With An Ohio Swimming Pool Builder

When you’re in the process of determining your family’s needs regarding owning a swimming pool, the checklist can be rather long. You will likely take to the internet and talk to family and friends about their swimming pools, the steps they went through to decide on the type of pool that best suited their needs and then you will meet with a swimming pool designer at Hawaiian Pool Builders to discuss what you’ve uncovered.

Here are five items to discuss with an Ohio swimming pool builder:

One of the major considerations when it comes to planning for a swimming pool project, and rightly so, is the cost. A swimming pool can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $150,000. Inground swimming pools are an investment for a lifetime so it is important to consider all features that are available. You will also want to factor in the price of a deck and landscaping into the overall cost of your swimming pool project. The size and shape of the pool will also be determining factors on how much you will want to budget. Building material also plays a role in the cost of the project as well as the depth. Pool depth may also be a consideration based on the ages of the children in the household, but think “long-term” as your children will age but the pool will remain the depth you started with.

The location of your swimming pool will have to be determined and you will also have to decide whether you want an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool. Your swimming pool builder will come out and do a site visit to help calculate the best location, the amount of shade or sunlight your pool will receive, distance from the house for electricity and plumbing considerations and more.

Fencing and privacy from the neighbors will be part of the site inspection considerations. Pool fencing may be required in some areas, but you can also use pool fencing as a decorative backdrop to the pool itself and as a way to shield the pool from view.

Access to and from the pool will need to be decided. Will you access the pool from a kitchen or bathroom? Do you need access from the outside of the home only? Imagine the ingress and egress and how you may want to landscape the area to cut down on dirt and debris being tracked to and from the house & pool.

Accessories such as a heating unit for the pool water or a diving board or slide will be part of your discussions with your swimming pool builder. You will also need to decide on how you want to keep the pool clean; through traditional chlorine methods or by a technique that is more ‘earth friendly’ such as a salt water chlorination system.

Chances are once you meet with your pool builder, he will answer your questions, but more may be raised. The designers at Hawaiian Pool Builders can help you work through your budget and come up with a pool design that will meet your family’s needs.


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