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Home And Backyard Organizational Tips

As spring gets closer and closer, homeowners often start to think about organizing the house and backyard. Swimming pool contractors, Hawaiian Pool Builders, offer some tips to organize your home and yard.

Here are seven items you can do to get your home in order:

  • Clean out your closets. Donate clothes that don’t fit. Look for your summer clothing and your bathing suits – summer swim time will be here before you know it! Also, if you have children who “hand down” clothes to their siblings, it’s a great time to begin shopping for items for the spring and summer season.
  • Take time to inventory your belongings. Your insurance agent will likely tell you that it’s easier to file a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged item if you have a photo of it, along with the serial number and the cost of that item. Don’t forget to inventory your outdoor living area – the pool equipment and your pool furniture and accessories as well.
  • Decide if you want to maintain your own pool during the summer or want to arrange a contract for pool maintenance and upkeep. While automating that area of your life, consider enrolling in automatic bill pay for your household bills. Be sure you’ve calculated the amount of your utilities and their potential increase if this is your first year as a pool owner.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you have any floating alarms in your pool, check those batteries as well. Don’t forget if you have any kind of collar for your pet that activates an alarm if he or she goes in the water or out of the yard – that battery should be checked as well.
  • Make a list for home maintenance items you want to complete this year. This list should encompass your swimming pool especially if you’re in the market for a pool renovation or upgrade. Ask our pool designers and technicians if your equipment needs replacing or upgrading or talk about items that might benefit from an update.
  • Have a family emergency plan in place. This plan is one that you practice prior to it having to be used. This means how to get out of your house in case there is a fire or emergency, where the family will meet, etc. A family emergency plan should also include the safety measures in and around your swimming pool. It should involve a check to be sure the safety equipment is all in place around the pool. Make certain there is someone in the house who can perform CPR – this is a good idea whether you have a pool or not.

Once you’ve made a plan of things that need to be addressed, you can start to tackle them and get ready for more poolside fun this summer!

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