Perfect Swimming Pool Setting

6 Tips to Create The Perfect Swimming Pool Setting

It used to be that we went outside to play and work. We’d then came inside to relax, sleep, and dine. However, times have changed. Today, we’ve found ways to make our outdoor space inviting by creating outdoor rooms. Our outdoor kitchens, living rooms, along with fireplaces surrounding the pool, make us want to live life outdoors. You may wonder how can you make the most of this?

The options are countless when it comes to creating the perfect swimming pool setting that suits your taste.  Everything from entertaining family and friends to the satisfying escape from a stressful day can be accomplished with some creativity.

Here’s six tips to create the perfect swimming pool setting:

Whether you are building or remodeling your pool, take a step back and get a good look at your available space. Take a few photographs to help you when it’s time to purchase different items. Ask yourself, “what do I envision for my setting”? “How will my favorite things fit into the design”? “How do I plan on using my pool”?

Plants: They add beauty, provide some privacy, and can help your pool blend more naturally with your environment. Choose some low-maintenance plants so you aren’t spending your free time tending them.

Look to nature: A walk in the woods can be quite and relaxing. Fallen tree limbs make incredible planters for flowers. Logs and stumps can be carved to make amazing seats with pillows. Big limbs can become frames for umbrella fabric covers and decorative lighting. And some of those “weeds” are really quite beautiful landscaping.

Lighting: Lighting should be chosen for safety first, but also consider some for beauty and ambiance. Halogen lights are great for safety, while fiber optics bring a stunning array of color to your nighttime pool enjoyment.

Fencing: Fencing is a major element in pool safety that you can easily decorate with the lighting you’ve chosen. Add some nicely arranged hanging flower pots for a pop of color that reflects your personality.

Patio: Your new patio can be an extension of your favorite indoor living space. There are many material options to choose from with cobblestone, brick or slate being among them. Slip-resistant surfaces are also good to consider, especially if you have younger children.

Think beyond the concrete slab: There are many surfaces that work well outdoors including tile. And poured concrete can be shaped and textured and colored into whatever you mind imagines. Spend some time in a flooring store and find a pattern and texture you love and then tell the concrete professional that THIS is what you want. You will be amazed. And it is still just a hose wash away from being clean.

Seating: Just like your patio, the type of lounge chairs and tables you use reflect your personality and style. Purchasing a couple of sets of colorful chair pads and changing them up for different holidays or parties can add just the right amount of flair.

Outdoor furniture used to be rugged and metal. But advancements in technology have made great improvements to wicker and rattan. These materials are now able to sustain outdoor weather conditions and create a much more elegant feel. Fabrics have been improved to tolerate sun and you can add cushions to brighten up your space … or tone it down. Area rugs and mixed fabrics combined with hard materials like rough wood and metal can simply make you want to spend time there … and never go back indoors.

Fire and water:  There are nothing quite like to combination of fire and water! Home retail stores carry incredible fountain designs that are pre-manufactured, and can just be plugged in.  You can also purchase a fire pit to add some charm.  It’s also rather inexpensive to build your own fire pit directly out of the ground where a gas line fuels a fire out of broken glass or colored sand.

Special Features: Consider the fun extras. Swim-up bars, waterfall backdrops or even a pond with aquatic plants and fish will add to the contentment you feel pool-side.

Consult with one of our professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders to see how you can create your one-of-a-kind swimming pool setting for your at-home relaxation.


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