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How To Choose The Ideal Pool Shape

Swimming pool builders work with clients to not only decide where to place the pool, but before that, to choose the ideal pool shape.

The shape of your pool can hinge on several factors that include:

  • How much yard space you have available
  • What building material you want to use
  • The way in which your pool will be used – ie, recreation, lap swimming or a combination

Today’s swimming pool contractors are well-versed in custom pools and making the dreams of potential swimming pool owners come to life.

In the past, swimming pool designs consisted of the traditional rectangle and kidney shapes. Today, with construction advances and flexible building materials, your imagination and, of course, your budget can become your reality.

You will first want to choose a building material and that will include either gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl liner. Each of these lend themselves to unique shapes, but some more than others – this is something to be aware of when you’re moving forward with your construction project. Gunite (concrete) is the building material with the most flexibility as it relates to design options; it also has the highest price tag, but its durability and longevity is prized.

Here are some options for your custom swimming pool design:

An infinity pool: If you have a “yard with a view” these stunning pools look as though they are falling off into the horizon and lend themselves to luxury and uniqueness. These pools look as though they are missing an edge and that the water is falling out of it, but in reality, the water is cascading over into a catch basin and is recycled back into the pool.

Traditional pools: A traditional pool can be both beautiful and unique. These designs have lasted for decades because they simply “work.” A traditionally designed swimming pool can be enhanced by a stunning outdoor living space.

Lap pools: Lap pools are ideal for individuals whose yards are long and narrow and for those who simply want to use the pool to swim laps.

Freeform: A freeform pool can be created in almost any design you can imagine. These pools are also ideal for homeowners who want the pool to fit the current lay of the land rather than, perhaps having to lose an older tree or move a garden. Freeform pools can also be one-of-a-kind designs that you won’t see duplicated by your neighbors and friends.

Geometric pools are unique, and you can choose from an octagon, an L-shape or other shape to fit your family’s lifestyle and likes. These pools work best when paired with contemporary-styled homes.

Let your imagination, and your budget, help dictate the style of your swimming pool and it’s bound to be a structure you and your family will enjoy for decades!

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