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Is Your New Home Pool Friendly

Buying a home is more than a matter of, “are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms”. Many homeowners are adding into the mix, “is the property swimming pool friendly?” when they’re working with a real estate agent. Swimming pool contractors field this question regularly when potential swimming pool owners ask them what they look for in a new property if they want a house with their own swimming pool.

Here are some items to look for when making a determination on a property to purchase that will be perfect for a swimming pool:

  • How level is the yard? One of the more costly factors of a swimming pool installation project can be the grading of the yard. If the yard is sloped and needs retaining walls, the price of the project can increase as these walls can cost between $7,000 and $20,000. Flat yards do not bring with them the cost of a retaining wall as part of the project. Remember, it may not be easy to tell if the yard is sloped merely by eye-balling it – you may need to have a pool professional come out and check the grade. With a shotcrete pool, the structure itself can sometimes act as its own retaining wall at less expense but greater beauty!  Talk to your designer about vanishing edges or water features that can be integrated into the slope of your yard.
  • Will it be easy for the construction crew and equipment to access the yard? Is there enough area between your house, the neighbors, a fence, or overhead wires? These are factors that should be taken into consideration. A general rule of thumb is that you need about 20 feet between a building and a tree or other structure in order to get a fiberglass pool in safely.  Although, where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Talk to your pool builders about access options.
  • Is the property large enough to fulfill municipal codes and accommodate the pool? You may want to have a survey of the property completed so you’re certain you can have the pool of your dreams.
  • Will the municipality into which you’re moving allow the construction of swimming pools? There are some communities with very strict rules and regulations about the installation of a swimming pool. You will want to find that out before you make any decisions on a property if you’re looking forward to owning your own swimming pool.
  • Ask your homeowners’ insurance provider whether it will allow you to have a swimming pool and still insure your property. Rarely, some insurance companies prohibit swimming pools just as others prohibit trampolines.

This is a brief checklist of what you will want to talk with your real estate agent and a swimming pool contractor about if you’re determined to own a swimming pool as part of your new home purchase.

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