Party Pool Ideas

For most of us, it is hard to think about our swimming pools without thinking of our own childhood, or noticing the children and grandchildren who are “hanging around our pool” having so much fun.

Their screaming Marco Polo or, just screaming in general, with joy is delightful. But every once in a while, there has to be a time out for No Kids Allowed type of party. Here are some thoughts on that event.

Often, there’s at least one or two folks who does not want to get in the pool. They just want to hang out on the deck … which is pretty awesome too but the real fun is in the water. Here are some thoughts on getting everyone involved.

  • No pool is complete without a beach ball, but don’t stop there. If you haven’t looked in a pool store recently, you will be amazed at the options for floating and the games that exist. Volleyball nets, floating basketball hoops and floating tables for water snacking all add to the fun. And there is even golf. Picture it – a floating green that awaits golfers to chip their ball from the pool deck. Pick up a floating cooler as well, just in case that golf game doesn’t go as planned.
  • Get a big rope (yes rope) and divide into teams for an old fashion tug-o-war IN the pool. Teams of two compete with the winners advancing and the losers being eliminated. It is a great game that is also fun to watch so everyone will be engaged. We recommend playing in the deeper end of the water where there is less chance of injury. The audience serves as judges calling fouls and illegal moves, and declare the winning team.
  • Jousting with pool noodles is another fun game. Two players float individually on rafts and using pool noodles, attempt to get their opponent to fall into the water.
  • The game options designed for pools is innumerable. There are water jarts (remember those old dangerous yard darts?), volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard and all are quite affordable and safe.
  • One of our favorites is Olympic Pool Jumping. Players take turns jumping into the pool and are scored by everyone else for their creativity and style and delivery of their jump. Everyone “judge” has score cards from 1 – 10 (like figure skating in the Olympics) and award points that are totaled up. Everyone has fun with this and again, it will keep your guests engaged.
  • The best part of the pool is the FUN we have there. Most local dollar store chains will have a variety of cheap things you buy to create a theme. Float beach balls and toys in the water. Get a tube ring and set it on the deck filled with rolled towels. And then just have fun.
  • A few other fun and simple ideas. Grill those burgers and dogs but supplement your table with playful things. Sticks of gum are great fun when labeled as Surfboards. Round candies with the hole make great “inner tubes”. Licorice or powder filled pixie sticks can be playfully labeled as pool noodles.

Creating an inspiring adult-only pool party for your home is not that difficult and can be very fun!


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