Pool Covers Offer Energy Efficiency

No longer are swimming pool covers considered a pool accessory, many pool owners consider them must-have pieces of pool equipment for many reasons.

We have several reasons why pool covers should be used diligently:

  • They can help save money on pool cleaning.
  • They can help slow down the rate of evaporation of the pool water.
  • They can keep dirt and debris from the water.
  • They act as an additional layer of safety.
  • They can help with energy efficiency, especially if you heat your pool water. A swimming pool loses up to 95% of its heat from the surface of the pool.

Pools lose energy in many ways with evaporation being the biggest source of energy loss and cost for pool owners. The rate of evaporation varies based on the pool’s location, the heat of the day and the speed of the wind that blows across the pool water. A cover can help keep the pool energy in check and help decrease the water lost through evaporation.

You can choose from either a safety cover or a solar cover or a cover that performs double duty. A solar cover can help heat your swimming pool water without having to spend money on running a heater.

When making a decision on a pool cover you will find there are myriad styles on the market and that the prices vary wildly as well. You will want to look for a cover that fits snugly, doesn’t tear easily and is easy to store. You may also want to look for a cover that can bear the weight of a small child or family pet to act as an additional layer of safety. Also, the heavier your pool cover, the harder it will be to install and remove and this may mean it’s wise to invest in an automatic cover. Bubble covers, also known as solar covers, are typically the least expensive on the market and while they may heat the water, they provide no safety protection.

An energy efficient pool will not only save the pool owner money, but in some instances, you may find that the device such as the pool cover will pay for itself in reduced utility costs. If you run a heater for your pool you may want to run it on a timer so you can have it turn on and off automatically so you’re not heating a pool that isn’t going to be used for several days. Timers installed on pumps can also help conserve energy because if you have them turn on and off automatically you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them on when you’re done swimming.

Talk with your pool contractor to uncover energy efficiency tips for your backyard pool as a way to save money and to be more environmentally friendly in your pool operation. Pentair offers this calculator to help you determine your pool’s efficiency.


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