Pool Lighting

Light Up Your Pool

When we furnish our homes, we place a lot of energy into selecting the right lighting for each room. The kitchen needs both bright and soft lighting to be functional. Cozy seating areas and bedrooms get more indirect lighting … out bathrooms get that blinding light so we can see every character flaw needing correcting before we go public.

Like our great homes, great pools are significantly defined by lighting as well. Nature gives us a hint of this by providing the sun by day and the moon by night. Lighting will set the tone and help distinguish your pool as unique.

  • The first step in lighting selections for your pool is assessing how the pool and surrounding area will primarily be used at night. Are there night-time lap swimmers or will you mostly be sitting around the pool enjoying a cocktail relaxing with someone special watching the kids wear themselves out for bed? Once you have made that assessment and the areas requiring lighting you will have a better sense of what to look for.
  • Rope lighting walkways or wiring downward path lighting are attractive and also functional to safety as guests walk to designated areas. The old adage “Less is More” applies here, however. Too much path lighting can get obtrusive and draw attention away from the total impact of your yard and pool.
  • We have all see the traditional pool lighting … the rectangular pool surrounded with moderate deck lighting … all pretty boring and commercial feeling. There are many areas of your pool that can have softer lighting directed at dramatic landscaping around the pool allowing the lighting to splash on to the deck indirectly. Drawing attention to other attractive features of your yard make your pool even nicer and still provides the safety you need.
  • There have been great changes in pool lighting technology from LEDs to Fiber Optics. They are relatively inexpensive for the punch they deliver and they come in color changing styles. They can be either underwater or spraying fountains and arches but they are without a doubt, they are stunning and run.
  • Many pool supply retailers and some hardware stores sell floating pool lights. We are talking wonderful dramatic floats and accessories that light up! You can change the entire ambiance of the pool and yard with creative lighting.
  • We all know how awesome the ambiance of a full moon is around a pool. Take a hint from Mother Nature and add some light in the sky … well not literally the sky, but overhead. There are some really cool pool chandeliers and equally wonderful overhead lighting for covered patios. There are wonderful ways to up-light trees and walls … just think vertical.
  • Review the lighting needs for your Jacuzzi using softer and more relaxing light here. Pipe in some great music, grab a glass of wine and join your family and friends in “winding down” for the night. Add lavender to the water and you have an aromatherapy feature as well.
  • Finally, there are many options for your underwater main pool light. It is no longer restricted to that bright white bulb. Again, this is relatively inexpensive to replace but imagine your water changing colors every other minute. You will love it.

Pools are more and more a common feature of homes across the United States … but a very important word of caution: Water and Electricity can be very dangerous so hire a trained professional who knows what they are doing to do the work. And equally important, have your pool professional inspect the wiring yearly. This is a job for professionals and is much more than hanging a strand of Holiday Lights around your pool. Call a professional. And create the mood you want.


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