Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosures For Safety

Your swimming pool builder, Hawaiian Pools, understands that safety is something that is part and parcel of being a swimming pool owner. In most municipalities across the country there are also specific measures in place for the types of safety items that should be included in a residential swimming pool project and one of those items is a safety fence.

When you think of “safety fence” it may bring to mind a chain link fence that was typically used decades ago. Today’s enclosures are as much a swimming pool fashion statement as they are safety device.

From beautiful etched glass enclosures to rustic-looking wooden fences to a variety of other materials, the pool enclosure is no longer a “clunky” looking backyard object, but a piece of the overall swimming pool architectural design. These enclosures add to the aesthetics and many swimming pool owners use them as another way to add to the unique feel of their family swimming pool.

Another way to “enclose” your family swimming pool, if you have the additional yard space, is to put an addition onto your home. This allows you to have an indoor swimming pool that can be constructed with sliding glass doors that allow for the fresh summer air to flow through the addition. An indoor swimming pool also offers you the opportunity to swim year-round.

When you think of your swimming pool enclosure as a swimming pool accessory you can begin to imagine the possibilities. You can also work with your swimming pool designers to make certain the enclosure enhances the aesthetics and your lifestyle.

You could even consider a pool enclosure that covers the entire swimming pool and is screened in to allow for fresh air and the warm summer breezes while you’re swimming. These enclosures act much the same way as a pool cover by keeping any fallen debris from the water, but on a larger scale. A pool enclosure is more expensive than a swimming pool fence, but may better suit your lifestyle and your family needs.

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