Babysitter Pool Safety

Pool Guide For Babysitters: Seven Safety Tips

If you have a pool, safety should be top of mind, especially if you have children and plan to have a babysitter watch your children this summer. We have provided you with a pool guide for babysitters to print and share to ensure an enjoyable and a safe one.

Never leave kids alone around the pool. Even kids who are good swimmers need supervision. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Taking your eyes off young children at the pool, even for seconds, is too long. Since the family for whom you babysit has a pool, the word supervise takes on a double meaning, as it is just as important when you are indoors to know where the children are at all times.

Take your cell phone or cordless house phone out with you. Make sure that either phone is fully charged, and be mindful that you have it outside in case of emergencies only. Just because you have your cell phone handy, make it a habit to not respond to text messages or phone calls while you are pool side.

Apply Sunscreen. Before you head outside to enjoy the pool, be sure to apply sunscreen to the children. Begin with the first application 30 minutes prior to heading outside. Always re-apply as recommended. Take a break. Children get tired more quickly in the pool than out. It’s important for them to take a break; it’s also good for you. Prepare a cooler with some snacks, and have the youngsters get out of the pool for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you have plenty of water to keep them well-hydrated while pool side.

Watch the weather. Be aware of any changes in the weather. Summer storms can pop up quickly. When storm clouds roll in, it’s time to dry off. Start the process before thunder or lightning begins. The National Lightning Safety Institute also advises that you not allow the kids to dive back in until 30 minutes has passed after the last thunder is heard.

Observe the pool rules: Absolutely no running around the pool. No pushing into the pool, no dunking, no diving unless off of a diving board. For younger children it’s important to correct them every time and remind them ‘why’ these are not safe choices at the pool.

Keep the gate locked: When play time is over, make sure the gate is locked and secured. As a trusted babysitter, you have been given an awesome responsibility, and we are sure that this short pool guide for babysitters will make your summer that much more relaxed.

Swimming lessons: Just because a child has had swimming lessons, doesn’t mean they are not susceptible to drowning. No matter how well they swim, you must still keep an eye on them.

As a babysitter, the parents are offering you tremendous responsibility. Carefully following these steps, you can help keep the children in you care safe, and the parents at ease.

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