Poolside Plants

Poolside Planting Tips

Swimming pool owners in Ohio understand that it’s the small touches that add to the ambiance and beauty of your swimming pool and the outdoor living space. We work with our customers to get not only the pool of their dreams, but the landscaping and outdoor living space that complements it and offer some poolside planting tips.

What can you do to elevate your outdoor living space and add even more of a unique touch to your swimming pool area?

Here are a few ideas and they all have to do with poolside planting:

  1. Plants turn your pool into the centerpiece of the back-yard area. Greenery should frame the pool and catch your eye. Plant trees or flowers that complement the pool shape and color or even evoke a particular emotion such as – staycation or tropical locale.
  2. Add plants in pots so you can move them around to change up the look throughout the season and easily change the plants to match the season such as mums in the fall. We can help you choose plants that are suited to our environment and those that will thrive during the summer and well into the autumn.
  3. Look for plants that don’t require a lot of water or watering. If you have plants that are always looking for water, their roots could branch out and damage your swimming pool plumbing and/or structure.
  4. Choose plants that don’t drop leaves or sap into the pool water. Leaves and other debris from trees can clog the filter and prevent it from operating as efficiently as it should.
  5. Look for plants that aren’t magnets for bees and birds or ants. You don’t want them around your swimming pool.
  6. Don’t plant any greenery that might have spiky leaves or growths – cactus or pine trees can drop needles and thorns and that is painful on a barefoot.
  7. Consider plants as an addition to your privacy fence. Strategically planted greenery can shield your pool from the neighbors and vice versa.
  8. Do you need shade around the swimming pool? If so, check the path of the sun around the pool and outdoor living space and plant for shade.

Adding plants is a great way to really give your swimming pool and outdoor living space a new look without spending a lot of money. Ask us which plants make sense and we can work with you on a layout that is both pleasing and practical.


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