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Renovate Your Outdoor Living Area

A swimming pool can be focal point of any backyard. Many swimming pool owners also know that spending time around the swimming pool is just as enjoyable as spending time in the water itself. Swimming pool builders in Ohio work with pool owners to upgrade and renovate the patio area to make the backyard an outdoor living oasis.

Due to the rising cost of travel, whether by plane or automobile, many families are turning their backyards into a vacation getaway.  One way to do that is to move your indoor living outside once late spring and summer rolls around. There are several different options you can use to revamp the space that surrounds your swimming pool.

We work with clients that are dreaming of upgrading their backyard space and here’s a few projects to consider:

Adding a deck or upgrading an existing deck space. The deck can be constructed of materials ranging from patio stone pavers, concrete or wood and within each of these materials are myriad options. Ask your pool builder for an idea on a price range for your particular pool size and shape and formulate your budget based on that information.

A terrace, or patio surrounding the pool deck. It can be as simple as a space of grass around the pool or more elaborate (and infinitely more accommodating) with the pouring of a slab on which to place your patio furniture. Consider landscaping with a small, lush garden to frame the patio area. Add furniture, an umbrella, or go elaborate and install an outdoor kitchen or a pool house. The sky, and your budget, is the limit.

A pool house. This structure could be a simple room in which your swimmers can change into and out of bathing suits or could be large enough to be a mini apartment in your backyard. You can have a pool house complete with shower and laundry facilities and a kitchen and sitting area.

A gazebo. Typically constructed in a strategic, but cozy area of your backyard, they allow a view of the entire area – crucial to keeping the swimmers in view and safe. The gazebo can be an open-air structure or walled on three sides with lattice or more hardy building materials; the decision is again predicated on your budget and the aesthetic you’re hoping to provide.

An outdoor kitchen. Individuals who are truly looking to move their lives to the out-of-doors in the summer it makes sense to have a fully equipped kitchen. When the sun in high in the sky, the idea of cooking in the indoor kitchen is not appealing while the idea of cooking and serving a meal in the balmy outdoors is a welcome change. A kitchen can be equipped with a barbecue pit, a working range and oven, refrigerator, cupboards and this allows you to fully equip the area without having to bring dishes in and out of the house when you’re in chef mode.

We use Pool Studio, a professional 3d swimming pool design software, that will help you envision the outdoor living project of your dreams.

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