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Should You Build Your Pool By Your House?

Is your large backyard beckoning and urging you to take the plunge and have a swimming pool installed? Is it also urging you to put the pool away from the house – you know, in a secluded area of the yard? If that’s the case, talk with your pool contractor to uncover what might be considered the “ideal placement” for your swimming pool.

You may not have considered it, but the best place for your swimming pool might be right next to your house.

Here’s why:

You probably don’t want to run across the backyard to the pool. It is simply more convenient to have the swimming pool adjacent to the house. Having a garage nearby, a mud room or a place with a shower where your guests don’t have to be in your house to change their clothes also helps.

If you don’t have a large backyard it might make sense to put the pool closer to the house, so you still have a yard space available in another area. A pool, tucked in a corner by the house, will be an efficient use of the yard.

Privacy is better assured if the pool is closer to the house. Even if you have a safety fence and a privacy fence, having the pool closer to your home improves the security and privacy you will enjoy.

The aesthetic appeal of your home and the adjacent swimming pool is amplified. A guest can walk onto your deck or patio area and be wowed by your swimming pool. Even the sound of water, especially if you have water accessories such as a fountain or waterfall, can be soothing to many people.

Keep the family safer by having the pool closer to the house. If it’s close to the house, you will hear if anyone is splashing in the pool that shouldn’t be. You will be within earshot of anyone who is in the swimming pool, however, you should never leave a child unattended, not even for a minute.

There may be many considerations regarding the placement of your swimming pool, but these are just some of our reasons why you might want to consider placing it close to your house.

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