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Swimming Pool Equipment To Consider

While investing in an in-ground swimming pool there are many pieces of equipment you will want to discuss with your Ohio swimming pool contractor. Some equipment is optional, and simply enhance the fun you’ll have in your swimming pool, others are crucial to the optimal function of the swimming pool itself. Keeping your swimming pool safe and clear of bacteria is a responsibility and your pool contractor can help you make the right choices.

Swimming pool equipment can be virtually invisible operating in the background to keep the pool functioning such as the pool pump assembly. It functions to keep the water circulating throughout the swimming pool, pumping new, fresh water in after removing the dirty water and filtering it. When shopping for a pool pump, looking for an energy efficient model with a multi-speed pump and automatic controls. Some municipalities even offer rebates or tax credits to homeowners that install energy efficient swimming pool pumps. Work with your swimming pool contractor in Ohio to check the pump’s horsepower rating and motor efficiency to find the one that’s best for your pool size. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to the size of the pump and your contractor can help you find the most energy efficient option for the size of your pool.

Your swimming pools’ filtration system will also keep the water clean and free of bacteria. There are several types of filters from which to choose – cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth (DE). Hawaiian Pool Builders can provide detailed information on the best type for your needs. Cartridge filters are typically low maintenance and filters the most microscopic of particles.

No longer do you have to clean your swimming pool manually; you can ask your swimming pool contractor to install an automatic swimming pool in-ground cleaner during the construction project. There are also robotic pool cleaners that work much the same as in-house robotic cleaners do – you put them in, turn them on and they move along on their own cleaning the dirt and debris that’s fallen to the bottom of the pool.

Having a swimming pool heater installed by your Ohio swimming pool builder is a perfect way to extend your swimming season by several months. You can choose from solar, gas or electric powered heaters.

A swimming pool cover should be considered a crucial piece of equipment. These covers not only protect your water from dirt and debris, they help prevent water evaporation and help keep children and pets safe. Other safety equipment you should have around the swimming pool area are rescue tubes, first aid kits, and a rescue pole.

Adding swimming pool lights is another way to add ambiance. You can set the mood with lights and having your Ohio swimming pool builder install fiber-optic lighting is a low-cost way to add color and brilliance to your swimming pool.

There are certainly many more options to discuss with your swimming pool builder to ensure that your pool provides hours of fun while keeping you and your family safe.

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