Water Leak

Signs Your Pool Has Sprung A Leak

In an ideal world, a swimming pool owner would be able to spot a leaking swimming pool in the blink of an eye because it would be gushing water. In the real world, though a swimming pool leak can be an insidious event that occurs over time, but if not caught and addressed quickly by a Michigan swimming pool contractor can damage the structural integrity of the swimming pool.

We understand that determining whether your pool has sprung a leak is not always easy to uncover. There are several ways an experienced swimming pool contractor who is familiar with your pool and its landscape can identify whether there is a potential leak and here they are:

Standing water: If there is standing water in areas around your swimming pool that is an indication there could be a leak. Your swimming pool service contractor will be able to identify these during the course of his routine maintenance visits. Standing water could indicate a leak in a liner or in the hoses or pipes. Even a pinhole sized leak, left unchecked, can ruin the structural integrity of the pool.

Soggy ground: Not all pool leaks will result in puddles of standing water. Looking for areas of damp, soggy ground around the pool could also mean there is a leak.

Fast growing grass or vegetation: If the grass or weeds around particular areas of your pool grow faster than in other areas, this could mean there is a leak in that particular section; leaking water is aiding its growth. A slow leak, however, may not lead to soggy ground because the grass and weeds could be absorbing it and using it to grow.

Dripping water sounds: If you hear water dripping, isolate the area and talk with your contractor so he can investigate.

Water levels dropping: If the water levels are dropping and it seems to be excessive – other than what might be caused by splashing or normal evaporation, talk about your concerns with your pool contractor so he can investigate.

A leaking hot tub or swimming pool is not something that should be left unaddressed. This is a situation that warrants calling us when you first notice an issue.

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