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Swimming Pool Construction Checklist

An in-ground swimming pool is a large investment. Your personality, style and budget are all things to consider when talking with one of our professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders. Using this swimming pool construction checklist will help guide you along the journey.

Location is (almost) everything. Where do you want your pool located? Consider the overall design of your yard and home when deciding where to dig. Our team can assist you with any questions you have with your chosen location.

Understanding where and how your ideas fit into your budget is the next step. Design and type are the first factors to look at. It’s also wise to consider extended warranties and service options.

How will you and your family use your pool? Will it be for relaxation, family and friend gatherings, entertaining, exercise, or any combination of these? When you design your pool it’s important to consider these options. If you are considering add-ons like water treatments and fiber-optic lighting, now is the time.

Site preparation comes first in the physical construction of your pool. Depending on the style and size you choose, this could include excavation and/or forming a steel wall or other types of reinforcement. It could also include adding dirt, gravel or other materials to help smooth the pool floor and sides.

We will then place a liner or add a gunite pool surface. When the interior is complete the lip or cap – known as coping – around the edge of the pool will be added. The electrical and plumbing will then be finalized.

Add water and enjoy. Now you can look around and decide on your landscaping, or a full outdoor kitchen area.

With Hawaiian Pool Builders, you can be assured of professional experience, and superior customer service. We look forward to seeing your design completed, and this short swimming pool construction checklist will help guide you ever step of the way.


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