LED lighting

The Beauty Of Color-Changing LED Lights

Just because the sun is going down doesn’t mean you have to send your guests home and stop the swimming pool party. When you work with your swimming pool contractor to have LED lights installed in the pool and the backyard living area, the party can go on all night!

LED lighting is the lighting of choice for swimming pools because these light emitting diodes (LEDs) can illuminate the pool, spa, water features, any other decorative outdoor elements as well as your seating area in an environmentally friendly, cost effective manner.

This lighting allows you to either choose a fixed color or control the color and intensity with a remote-control operating system. When you have changing lights, you create visual drama and add aesthetic beauty to your pool and outdoor living space. When your pool contractor installs your LED lighting you can choose to either synchronize or alternate colors meaning you have one color for the pool, another for the spa and even a third for your water features!

One of the main reasons LED lighting is the preferred medium is that these lights can run literally tens of thousands of hours before a bulb will need to be changed. Also, because there are no moving parts, these bulbs are virtually maintenance free.

An LED lighting system brings with it incredible energy efficiency – especially when you compare it to any other lighting option including incandescent bulbs or halogens. Even with the cost-effective operation and long-life, these lights provide a more intense light than most including fiber optic styles.

Talk with your contractor to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with your pool lighting and you can begin the process of having LEDs installed in your pool as part of a new construction project or a pool remodel.


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