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The Importance Of Hot Tub Covers

Imagine slipping into the warm, jet-filled depths of your backyard hot tub. It’s a luxury like no other, especially when the winter winds are blowing. Hot tubs are investments in both health and relaxation so you should make certain you protect your investment with a hot tub cover.

We believe that you shouldn’t think of a cover as an accessory, but as an additional component in your investment in the hot tub itself.

A carefully selected cover will provide protection against Mother Nature and snow, wind and rain. Keep in mind that snow and rain can change your water chemistry and wind can blow dirt and debris into the water. Dirt and debris affect your water quality and clogs your filters and pumps. Keeping wildlife out of your spa is also another benefit. During the summer months, the diligent use of the cover keeps the sun from fading and cracking the fiberglass. Make certain the hot tub cover fits the spa well and is made of durable materials.

Trapping the heat inside the water is another major reason to use a cover to enhance energy efficiency. Evaporation means you need to refill the tub and use more chemicals to keep it clean and the heater will work harder than necessary to keep your water warm. A quality spa cover will trap the heat and keep the water at a level temperature.

Security is another reason to use one. You can buy a cover that has locks which you can secure when you’re at work or on vacation as a way to keep neighbors out of the water! The use of a locking cover can also act as an additional layer of protection to keep children from falling into the water. You never want to rely on a cover for your sole means of protection to keep children from falling in though — diligent adult supervision is always a must.

Don’t think you have to purchase a spa cover that is the same as all of your friends or neighbors. You can purchase covers in myriad designs and colors and can even purchase one that you can have monogrammed. Your personal taste can shine through in the style of spa cover you purchase. Another decision you will need to make when you purchase a spa cover is whether you will buy one that will be manually installed and removed or whether you will want one that is automated. Keep in mind that the investment you make in a hot tub cover will be realized in the saving on operating expenses.


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