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5 Reasons Ohio Pool Builders Recommend Water Features

Swimming pools, accessories and features come in all shapes and sizes. The accessories or water features that you add to your swimming pool design adds your own unique flair to your backyard oasis.

When you work with your swimming pool contractor from Hawaiian Pool Builders you will discover there are many water features and accessories you can incorporate into your pool, whether it’s a new build or a renovation project.

Here are five reasons Ohio pool builders recommend water features:

  • Fountains, rock waterfalls, hidden grottos & sun shelves… these are a few of the many water features available. These items add not only aesthetic beauty but can add to the relaxation you enjoy in your swimming pool. Consider how soothing the sound of running water is and you can see the reasons why you might want to add a rock waterfall or a fountain; stress relief and beauty all in one water feature package! Consider adding deck jets, a water slide or even a bubbling feature to your swimming pool (think hot tub jets).
  • Your pool will be the focal point of your backyard once you add in water features. While it’s true that your swimming pool may occupy a large space in your backyard, the addition of water features will truly make it a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Property values may increase with water feature additions. An in-ground swimming pool will typically add to the resale value of your home. When you incorporate aesthetically beautiful water features to the swimming pool it could potentially increase the resale value – which could be a boon if you decide to sell.
  • Water features add more fun into your swimming pool! Children (and adults) certainly do love to play in and around the pool. When you add in features such as a rock waterfall under which the children can stand and play or a fountain that they can frolic through and you can see how these features will amp up the fun.
  • Entertaining will be more elegant. If you install a rock waterfall or a fountain, ask your pool contractor about adding lights to the structure. When you’re hosting a party, or entertaining guests, you can light up the fountain or even have multi-colored lights operate to set the mood or add to the festive feeling.

Pool owners can take advantage of the beautiful images available on the Hawaiian Pool Builders website to see the many options available. The pool design experts can help you choose the best features to add to your pool project.

Incorporating water features and accessories into your swimming pool design or renovation project provides even more enjoyment in your pool and gives it a beautiful new look.

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