Questions To Ask A Michigan Swimming Pool Builder

Having your own swimming pool means you have a great place to keep your children entertained during the summer months. It also means you have a great spot for a staycation if a vacation just isn’t in the cards. Your own swimming pool also means you can be the hot spot for summer entertaining, and you will also have an ideal location for a relaxing time or a place to work out. What, truly, could be better than owning your own swimming pool? We can’t think of anything!

Swimming pool contractors in Michigan know that owning your own swimming pool brings with it the ability to always have access to its healing benefits and an entertainment spot, but because it is a major investment you need to make certain you have hired the best, most qualified and experienced swimming pool builder in Michigan that you can find.

When you’re making a check list of items to talk about with a potential pool builder, here are at least five major questions that you will want to discuss with a potential builder:

Time in business:

How long have you been in business and what experience do you have building the style of pool that we want? Ask for examples and photos of past projects he has completed. How does he keep up on the pool trends in both construction as well as energy efficient solutions and equipment? Does his staff have ongoing training mandates?


What would his former clients say about him? What’s his reputation in both the community and in the pool industry? You will want to ask for references from current and former clients and you will want to make sure to speak with them. Look online for reviews of his work and look for any Better Business Bureau complaints or testimonials? Has he received any accolades from local Chambers of Commerce or other community groups?

Do they provide other services?

Will you see him after the pool is constructed? Does he provide pool service, or will you need to find someone else to do that work? What is his after the sale policy? Will he also be available for pool service and maintenance? What warranty and guarantees are provided? You don’t want a pool contractor that will build the pool and then vanish into the night.

Ease of the contract?

Do you feel the need to hire an attorney to decipher the contract or is it written in language that is clear and concise? Does it clearly lay out exactly what you’re paying for, what could cost additional money and how long the project will take? Does it outline the warranty information on both the pool structure and the equipment? Does it explain the type of insurance the contractor carries?

What about follow up?

Following the completion of the project will he be available if you have questions or concerns? Is there a charge for ongoing questions? Is there a 24-hour service number in case there is a pool emergency after hours? If he works with a lot of contractors for the project, is there any accountability through the pool contractor or must you track down the individual contractors? What kind of charges will you be faced with if you need additional help after the project is over?

It’s likely that questions and concerns will arise over the course of the project. Before you even get involved in the project, find a contractor that will answer your questions without making you feel you are an imposition. Make certain you don’t sign any contracts until your questions have been answered and you are comfortable with the contractor and his reputation.

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