Swimming Pool Fountains

Water Features For The Pool

The very idea of having your own swimming pool is, for many, a dream come true. A pool is an ideal place to spend time with friends and family and get in shape all while having fun. A swimming pool is also the centerpiece of your backyard and you can work with us to enhance the aesthetics of your pool and outdoor living space even more.

Water features for the pool have become a hot trend in the construction and landscape of swimming pools today. While commonplace around tropical pools in warmer climates, they are becoming very popular in Ohio and Michigan as well. More homeowners are choosing to add waterfalls and water features to their swimming pool than ever before because of the soothing sounds and visual effects. Here are four water features you can consider adding to your inground swimming pool project.

When you meet with one of our pool professionals you will find you can choose from:

  • Led lighting
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Bubbling, colored water features
  • Deck jet water features

It may be tempting to have all the amenities added to your swimming pool, but it’s best to talk with your contractor and let him know what aesthetic you’re hoping for and which of the features he or she would recommend. The swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders install Pentair products because they provide the highest quality.

Deck jets, which are installed along the gutters of the swimming pool allow for shooting streams of water that you can change and direct to different parts of the pool. These offer a creative way to enhance the beauty of your pool, and add a whimsical flair. These features can add hours of fun for the kids, but they also provide ambiance as you relax by the pool. You can even add LED lighting to make these water features change color creating a beautiful nighttime visual.

A waterfall allows you to have a cascade of water pour over a portion or section of your swimming pool. It makes for a beautiful, relaxing sound as well as a lovely accessory. The waterfall is a fun place for the children to play under and also is a great aesthetic enhancement.

They can be constructed from natural stone or can flow from a connected spa, more commonly considered a spill-over. A control panel can help you customize the flow of the water and even turn it off when desired. The type of waterfall for your backyard depends on the topography and the overall design of your pool.

Whether you want a number of fountain features or only one or two, installing an LED light bubbling feature means you can determine how high the fountain bubbles up and you can change the colors of the LED lighting to suit the mood of your party. LED lights are ideal because they are long lasting and energy efficient.

We work with every pool owner individually to uncover how they plan to use their pool, which features are most important and together with the homeowner, create a pool design that is beautiful, unique, and practical.




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