Building A Pool Part 4: Pool Maintenance

Creating the swimming pool of your dreams can be fun, exciting, challenging, rewarding and more. Enjoying hours by the pool relaxing, exercising and having fun with friends and family is the reward to all the hours spent planning and designing your swimming pool.

Don’t neglect the importance of maintaining your swimming pool! Proper pool maintenance is vital year-round in order to keep your pool beautiful and functional year after year. Hawaiian Pool Builders reminds you to consider the following services.

Opening Your Swimming Pool

Each year we help homeowners open their swimming pool for the season to provide a safe, clean, chemically-balanced swimming pool. Many homeowners don’t want to spend the first weeks of the season checking the pool equipment and adjusting chemicals after the winter as all they want to do is get in the pool to swim.

Weekly Maintenance 

A swimming pool will not clean itself – they need weekly attention. Our swimming pool cleaning crews can maintain your pool on a weekly basis to keep the water & filters clean, ensure proper operation of the equipment and maintain chemical balance.

Closing Your Swimming Pool

Closing your swimming pool signals the end of the summer season and this step is very critical in the overall care of your swimming pool. A pool that is not properly closed for the season will cause more headaches when it comes time to reopen it. The pool maintenance team at Hawaiian Pool Builders will properly close your swimming pool to protect it during the winter months and provide years of hassle-free use.

All of the above steps you can easily do. However, we offer many services that will keep your pool, and you, happy all year long. Your satisfaction is our promise to you.

We don’t just provide pool service and repairs. We believe that our customers want more than just great pool service. You want assurance that your pool equipment is working properly; that your calls with concerns will be answered or returned promptly.

Once your pool is in, making sure your pool or spa is properly maintained will simply further the value of your investment. Caring for your new pool, spa or water feature is an ongoing process. Here at Hawaiian Pool Builders, we’re by your side every step of the way. Call our office anytime with questions, concerns or ideas and we’ll do all we can to help out!

At Hawaiian Pools, we also offer a pool cleaning schedule to suit your lifestyle. Whether you need assistance weekly or monthly, Hawaiian Pools’ qualified professionals are at your service. By not having to devote a weekend to either side of pool season, you will have just one more day to enjoy your time in and around the pool.




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