Building A Pool Part 3: The Contract

When you’ve made most of the major decisions about your pool and it comes time to sign the contract, there are a number of things you should keep in mind and discuss with your pool contractor.

Pay attention to this list as you finalize your choices:

  • Does the drawing look like the pool you think you’re buying? We use Pool Studio top help you visualize the final design.
  • Are all the features listed in the contract? Are all of the things you discussed – the color, the finish, equipment, size, options, landscaping, etc. included in the contract? Assume nothing; bring it up now rather than face disappointment later. We want you to create the pool of your dreams, but you need to be certain that everything is communicated well in advance of the dig.
  • Is there a warranty and if so, is it outlined on paper? Make sure you understand what you’re getting so there are no surprises down the road. We all want to avoid any issues that arise after the fact so again, confirmation of what you expect is paramount at this stage.
  • What other expenses might you incur? Be sure you understand if the cost of your swimming pool includes permits, decks, electrical service or gas lines. If the grass is affected by heavy equipment, is it replaced as part of the project or is this an additional cost?
  • What is the payment schedule? How much is due up front and when are payments expected? Make sure that the amount of money paid up front is proportional to the amount of work that is done or about to be completed. Make sure your payment schedule is reasonable and is something you can live up to.
  • What happens if it rains or there are complications getting the pool finished on time?   Just as you want to have a pretty good idea of when your pool will be completed, it’s also important that you understand that there are many factors that can delay construction. These factors such as late payments, bad weather, subcontractor delays, etc. can impact the final completion date. Understand what to expect and be certain to ask questions before you sign the contract.

These and other questions you may have can help you to establish a clear understanding between you and your pool builder so you can both avoid any unwarranted confusion during the process.

Being a well-informed pool customer will help the process go more smoothly from start to finish.


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