Retaining Wall

Does Your Pool Need A Retaining Wall

When you’re planning a swimming pool project, you may not think about whether your pool will require a retaining wall. As a swimming pool professional, a pool builder understands that not all pool installation and construction projects are straightforward and that some yards simply pose more of a challenge than others.

Will your pool project require a retaining wall?
The grade of your yard will be a determining factor in whether a retaining wall is necessary. If your backyard is flat, the pool contractor may need to get creative and add back fill or extra gravel if you (and he) agree you’d like to forgo the additional expense a retaining wall would add to the project. If the option to not have a retaining wall is not one that is feasible, your swimming pool contractor can work the retaining wall into the project so that it will enhance the visual appeal of the pool and its landscaping.

Be aware that not all pool contractors may feel there is a need for a retaining wall.   But if we suggest one, it’s for a very good reason.  One of the benefits of a retaining wall is that it can keep out rainwater or dirt and debris that may come down a slope into your swimming pool as the result of a heavy rain. Without a retaining wall, there is no barrier between the pool and the dirt and debris, with a retaining wall, the potential mudslide as the result of a storm could be diverted.

If the potential pool owners’ yard has a slope that leads to a level spot, the need for a retaining wall could be diverted through the installation of a “French drain” – this could capture water before it infiltrates the swimming pool. However, if the pool contractor needs to cut into the grade of the yard for the swimming pool installation, a French drain will likely not be a viable option.

When a retaining wall is a necessary part of your pool construction project, you will want the wall to look as though it is an extension of the project itself, not merely a barrier. Choose to have an elevated patio or other outdoor living space constructed or even have a fountain water feature installed into the wall itself and have the water empty into the pool – these features as stunning visual appeal. The wall itself could also serve as a portion of the swimming pool deck and those who use your swimming pool could sit and relax atop the wall. Consider your retaining walls’ form as well as its functionality when planning your swimming pool construction project. 

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