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Do You See An Enclosed Or Indoor Pool In Your Future?

Let’s face it, living in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan cuts into the summer ‘fun’ schedule.  Loving your outdoor space and inground pool is why you had one built in the first place.

Did you know that at Hawaiian Pools, we work with various builders that can enclose your pool and give you year-round enjoyment?

The ability to jump in and out of the pool whenever you want to give you and your family a lot of freedom during the summer months, however, once the season changes, we can only look at them with longing until spring comes, and it’s time to get it ready for summer.

An in-ground pool enclosure, while a major investment, can offer you additional weeks of swim time and can also help keep your pool clean because it won’t be exposed to the elements or dropping leaves or other outside debris. With an in-ground pool enclosure you may even be able to extend the swim season.

One of the things we hear frequently in opposition to an enclosure is there’s uncertainty as to whether the pool will be used often enough to justify the cost of the enclosure. This being said, many people who have made the investment in a pool enclosure find they more than double the amount of time they spend in their swimming pool.

Perhaps it’s time to think about investing in a high-quality pool enclosure. An enclosure will not only keep debris out of your pool and protect swimmers from rain and snow, but they’ll also assist pool owners in a lot of other little-known ways. Here are a few benefits to a pool enclosure:

Reduce Chemical Use:
Adding a pool enclosure will reduce the amount of exposure to phosphates, pollutants and pathogens that can enter your pool’s water and reduce the need for chemicals.

Improve Your Health:
Having year-round access to your pool will help you beat the cold weather-blues as you continue aerobic exercise in your own back yard with lap swimming, water weights, or simply treading water. Also, because your pool will be kept at the same temperature every day, your body won’t have to acclimate every time you take a dip.

Reduce Your Risk:
As a pool owner, you do pay higher homeowner’s insurance due to the increased liability of having a pool. Having yours secured with an enclosure can prevent trespassers from having access to your water and prevent accidents. Being enclosed will also keep anyone from slipping on icy pool decks, or other slippery areas near and around your pool.

Here’s a few other advantages:

  • Protection from the sun’s rays while still reaping the benefits of its warmth.
  • Safety will be improved because the pool is completely enclosed and as long as the doors are closed and locked, the children and pets will be safe.
  • You will see a decrease in maintenance and upkeep costs.

As with any other project, there’s always a few disadvantages to consider:

  • The cost – it could cost almost as much as the pool itself when you have it installed.
  • The space they take up in the back yard.
  • An in-ground swimming pool enclosure is a structure that will need to be professionally installed.

Here’s a few things to consider in relationship to your enclosure:

  • Do you want the enclosure to wrap around the swimming pool or do you want it to also surround your entertaining area to create an enclosed patio?
  • Are you looking at your enclosure as a way to keep children out or do you need it to provide a privacy barrier as well?
  • Will your enclosure be merely a functional structure, or will it be used to improve the aesthetics and ambiance of the outdoor living area?
  • Will you want it to be a natural blend of your existing landscape?
  • Do you want a full or partial roof, or will it be open?

The ideal time to plan for a pool enclosure is during the pool construction itself. The main reason for this is because of the additional space the enclosure takes up you will want to have planned for it during the construction phase.

Maybe you are thinking even bigger, and considering an indoor pool for your enjoyment. As your Ohio Swimming Pool Builder, we can work with you on that project as well.  At Hawaiian Pools we’ve designed and created indoor pools for local hotels, and we can certainly bring your dream to life in your own home as well. Now is a great time to make that call.

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