Pool Party

Plan A Pool Party

“Speak Like A Pirate Day” happens every year in September. How about a fun Pirate-themed party for the kids?

You could:

  • Send rolled-up and tied with a ribbon treasure map invitation and make your swimming pool be the “X” where the treasure hunt fun begins.
  • Deliver the invitations inside an empty water bottle; add a few chocolate coins or some gold jewelry to make it more festive.
  • Offer the kids some pirate-themed games like looking for underwater-buried treasure. To do this drop heavy plastic coins and small toys into the swimming pool and let the kids jump in and find them.
  • Offer prizes to the child that finds the most items. Make sure there are adults on hand to watch the children as they go underwater looking for the prizes.
  • Have a “best cannonball” contest by having the children walk the plank (diving board).
  • Have a “sword” fight with swimming pool noodles. Have red and black beach balls; use red and black beach towels and tablecloths.
  • Use ship-themed table decorations, scatter shells and gold pieces (chocolate candy) and even costume jewelry around the tables to enhance the theme. Provide pirate hats and let the fun begin.

Remember the fun you used to have at drive-in theaters? Host a dive-in swimming pool party. Make certain you have inflatable lounge chairs and inflatable floating tables and chairs, move your big screen TV outside or rent a projector and hang a sheet and watch the movie on that. Pick a couple of favorite movies in a specific theme and then choose invitations to match. Watch water-themed movies such as The Little Mermaid or Jaws. Offer popcorn, candy and beverages and enjoy the party once the sun goes down.

Regardless of the theme of your swimming pool party, here are some additional items to keep on hand making any swimming pool party a success:

    • Have extra towels and flip flops on hand
    • Have a room set aside for guests to change into and out of their bathing suits
    • Keep plastic drink cups available – no glassware poolside
    • Keep the chairs and table set ups fluid and easy to move around for easy conversation
    • Inflatables are always fun; have a lot on hand
    • Keep candles, tiki torches and citronella candles on hand for when the sun comes down and the bugs come out
    • Place bottles of sunscreen in plain sight so guests can relax and avoid sunburn.

We know that as you begin to look for ideas, you’ll find many fun things to do! Enjoy the planning and your pool!

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