Planning For A Pool

Planning For A Pool

Backyard swimming is a dream come true for many families and we understand that there are so many designs and options available that it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. The enjoyment and fun of a swimming pool goes far beyond the simple checklist of its shape, location, deck design. It’s also important to consider upkeep and maintenance once the construction is over.

Here’s a checklist that our swimming pool contractors have put together for you to use when you are planning for a pool.

Know your budget.  When meeting with our team, it is helpful to share your budget for the entire project as well as upkeep and maintenance after the project is complete. Don’t go in with a $5,000 budget and a $50,000 building plan.

Quality counts. Your budget dictates the “amount” of swimming pool you can afford the budget also dictates the quality. If you have a choice of quality over size, choose quality. Remember, too you can start with a small pool project and eventually add to it and enhance it with accessories such as diving boards, slides or waterfall accessories. You will also want to purchase the best equipment in filters, skimmers, pumps and heaters that you can afford under your budget constraints.

Know the reasons you want a pool. If you’re looking for a pool for fitness only, opt for a lap pool. If you have a small, narrow yard, a lap pool could be an ideal option. If you have a large family and plan to entertain in and around the swimming pool, the size of the pool as well as the surrounding outdoor living space will need to be part of the conversation you have with your pool builder. Be as specific as possible with your needs, wants and desires for your swimming pool project to make certain you get the pool of your dreams.

Indoor or outdoor pool. These are a few more decisions you need to make. An above ground swimming pool may be right for your situation and budget, but you may be surprised at the available options available for in-ground pools. Be flexible enough to learn what you can accomplish with the help of your pool builder.

Form or functionality. Are you influenced by the look of your swimming pool or by the fact that you own a swimming pool? Form or functionality may be a decision you have to make, depending on your budget. You need to determine how crucial the aesthetic value of your pool is and spend your money accordingly.

Being armed with ideas, photographs and your budget makes the construction process smoother and will help both you and the builder target in on the pool of your dreams.


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