Pool Warranty Investment

Protect Your Investment With A Home & Pool Warranty

When the washing machine breaks down, the hot water heater no longer produces hot water or the central air is not keeping you cool, the cost of repair or replacement can be costly.  Our homes are filled with complex and vital appliances, technology and other components that over time can and do wear out.  A home warranty, unlike home owner’s insurance, covers repair or replacement of these items that break down due to normal wear and tear. It is important to make sure you understand the differences in a home warranty, and homeowner’s insurance prior to buying your new home.

Perhaps you are selling a home, including a home warranty in your purchase may help attract a buyer, especially one that is purchasing their first home. Giving the new homeowner assurance of being able to have their appliances fixed or replaced will give them peace of mind knowing that isn’t an expense they will incur within their first year.

At Hawaiian Pools, we believe in making sure that not only your home is protected, but, the investment you are making in your pool is covered with the highest quality warranty possible.    We offer a warranty on our products and services, and since we use Pentair Products when we build your pool, you will receive an extra level of coverage that comes from them.

At Hawaiian Pools, we don’t just provide pool service and repairs. We provide satisfaction and relief. We believe that our customers want more than just great pool service. You want assurance that your pool equipment is working properly; that your calls with concerns will be answered or returned promptly.

If you have invested in an in-ground swimming pool, or the home you purchased came with one, the best way to increase the longevity of that investment is to make sure that you have it properly serviced and maintained.

Whether you are selling or buying a home, or considering an in-ground pool for your existing home, adding the extra level of protection that a warranty brings will give you the assurance that breakdowns will be taken care of without any major out-of-pocket expense.

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