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Purchasing An In-Ground Swimming Pool For Christmas

There’s a trend in holiday gift giving recently that is focusing on larger, family-oriented gifts. While it’s fair to say that an in-ground swimming pool for Christmas from Hawaiian Pool Builders may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is something to consider. There is some logic behind purchasing your pool for Christmas.

Typically, the winter months are slower in the show room, making it a perfect time to come in and speak to one of our professionals. You can choose layout, discuss what type of pool you want, also placement of your pool, and bounce many ideas off our team. Additionally, this will get you on the schedule for your construction as soon as the weather permits.

Making your purchase now, instead of in the spring also means you don’t have to rush. Of course, the holidays are busy, we understand that, but you don’t have to rush into the important decisions that come along with your new, in-ground swimming pool design.

No matter how you decide to do it, surprising your family with the announcement of a pool is sure to make this holiday quite memorable. You can get creative with gift giving on a smaller scale. Buy everyone a set of goggles, beach towels, pool floaties or other ‘pool’ related toys. These will build the anticipation of the larger gift yet to come.

After the gift giving is over, and you’ve done the ‘big reveal’ of a pool for Christmas, you and your family can begin planning all of your spring and summer activities centered around your own private back yard oasis. Our Pinterest Page has many ideas for spring and summer parties, along with ideas for creating your personal, private space.

What can be more emotionally uplifting then to have your in-ground swimming pool to look forward to during the long, cold winter months when the warmth of the sun is elusive? What better way to ward off the wintertime blues than by counting down the days until you are pool-side in your own backyard? With some advanced planning and a whole lot of Christmas cheer, you can make this holiday season one of your family’s most memorable ever!

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