Pool Party Safety

Safety Tips For A Fun Pool Party

If you have a swimming pool, it will become the star of many backyard parties and for that reason we offer these safety tips for both in-pool and out-of-pool party fun for your gatherings:

    • Everyone who comes over should understand your family’s rules of the pool and those could include not using the diving board if there are too many people in the pool, avoiding alcohol if you’re going to be swimming, no cannonballs, no running on the deck as it could be slippery and no glass objects on the pool deck.
    • Use a waterproof sunblock. Consider having a variety of sunblock available for your guests to use so that no one gets a sunburn.
    • Keep a pool safety kit nearby. This could include a lifejacket, an extending pole in case you need to get anyone out of the pool, a telephone that is used only in case of emergency. Someone who is trained in CPR is also ideal to have on hand.
    • No child should be in the pool unless there is a designated adult to supervise them.
    • When you’re grilling, keep the grill out of the path of ingress and egress to make sure that no children are running through the cooking area.
    • Cook foods to the recommended temperatures as undercooked meat could cause your guests to become sick.
    • Keep a lot of water handy so your guests don’t become dehydrated. Water in pitchers with slices of fruit or even cucumbers provide a refreshing beverage on a hot day.
    • Don’t set off fireworks unless you’re in an area where it is legal. Even in that instance, keep children away from fireworks.
    • Have a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water handy in the event of a fire.

If you have a family pet, here are some tips to keep him or her safe:

      • Keep alcoholic beverages out of reach
      • Don’t let your guests feed your pets table scraps
      • Keep your pet on a leash
      • Put him indoors in a safe, quiet place if too much activity makes him skittish
      • Urge children to stay out of your pets’ face
      • Keep your dog’s water dish full at all times and urge him to drink
      • Keep him out of the pool when you have guests


Safety should always come first when throwing a pool party. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll find yourself being more relaxed, even with all the activity going on around you.

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