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Swim Your Way To Good Health In Your Own Pool

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape, not cause damage to your joints and do both without breaking a sweat, look no further than your swimming pool! In addition to being a great place for fun and frolic, your swimming pool offers an opportunity to exercise. Swimming is a sport that you and your family can enjoy that benefits both mind and body.

When you’re considering having a swimming pool built, make certain you tell your swimming pool builder the reason for your pool construction project: lap swims, family fun, or all-around general swimming pool or entertainment area. The type of activities you plan to enjoy in your swimming pool will help you determine the kind of swimming pool to have built.

Once you’ve started a swim workout, you will want to vary your strokes which will help you work almost every muscle in your body, helping to develop overall strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. People who were active in other activities such as running or biking may have given it up because of bone or joint pain. Swimming offers an opportunity to continue aerobic exercise as a no impact way to stay in shape.

When the temperatures soar it is difficult to muster the desire to get out and exercise – and it can be dangerous when temperatures push beyond safe levels. If there’s a swimming pool in your backyard, you have a safe and fun place to continue your workout routine. Whether you’re a runner looking to give your joints a break or someone who’s suffered an injury that prevents you from putting weight on a joint, swimming can help you not only stay in shape but recover from an injury.

Using a kick board, doing in-pool running, water aerobics or merely swimming laps all offer a great workout session. Because being submerged makes you buoyant, you’re able to get in shape in a low impact way. A regular swimming routine helps build endurance and can serve as a cross-training element to your regular workout session. Consider swimming as a pre-workout warm up or a post-workout cool down.

In addition to the physical benefits of a swimming routine, there are psychological benefits as well. You can let your mind wander and focus on the rhythm of your strokes. Meditation while getting a workout is a double benefit you just can’t beat.


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