Swimming While Pregnant

Swimming While Pregnant

As with any exercise activity related to swimming pools, including swimming while pregnant, we recommend consulting with your doctor especially if you’ve been sedentary or have underlying health issues.

If your doctor agrees that swimming while you’re pregnant is a good idea, here are some reasons that swimming pool exercise may be good for you.

  • Swimming doesn’t put any pressure on your bones or joints, and this is ideal when you’re pregnant because of the strain your body is already under.
  • The more active you are, the easier your labor and delivery might be.
  • Staying in shape now may help you get back to your pre-baby weight more quickly.
  • The swimming pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders understand that swimming is an enjoyable time for the entire family and as long as your doctor agrees, you can swim while you’re pregnant. If you have a pool with a beach entry it may be easier to get into and out of the pool if using the steps or a ladder is a concern.

You may not want to swim as many laps as you did before you got pregnant and you certainly don’t want to tire yourself out to the point of exhaustion. A leisurely swim or playing with your friends or family in the water is the best way to undertake a fun activity without adding extra strain.

Also, time spent in the water is relaxing and when you are dealing with the stresses that sometimes come with pregnancy, finding a way to relax and unwind could be just what the doctor ordered! When you’re in the water your body weight is supported by it and you have a natural buoyancy and that means there is little risk of any injury from a fall that might accompany other forms of exercise.

Some pregnant women even find that swimming alleviates the symptoms of morning sickness. Swimming will also help increase your lung capacity, amp up your heart rate and help with blood circulation.

When you’re swimming you may want to avoid try the breast stroke or a slow crawl. The backstroke could cause discomfort. A slow crawl with a flutter kick rather than a frog-leg kick might be the best, but you should stop at the first sign of any pain. You may find it more comfortable to simply use a kickboard or tread water if it hurts to do any actual swim strokes like the crawl or breast stroke. If your doctor approves, you may be able to swim most days of the week for about 30 minutes as a way to stay healthy and relaxed as your pregnancy progresses.

As with any kind of activity in the swimming pool, you should never swim alone.

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