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Pool Safety Tips For A Safe And Happy Winter

As colder temperatures set in pool owners start thinking about closing their pool.  But many people forget about pool and spa safety. Before the snow hits, it’s important to check several items to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. Hawaiian Pool Builders offers these swimming pool and spa safety tips:

  1. Check all the straps around the perimeter of the pool. Straps should be tight and not tangled. If any straps are loose, tighten them up to insure even tension. If these are not tightened, small children might be able to crawl under the cover. It would be next to impossible to see someone that was physically under the cover.
  2. A pool or spa cover is an essential piece of safety equipment. Inspect the cover for rips or tears. With a few inches of snow on the cover a child OR adult could unexpectedly walk on the cover and exaggerate the tear, subsequently falling though.
  3. Make sure all the breakers to your pool equipment are turned off from the main breaker panel. No need to worry about a child accidently turning on your pump with no water circulation.
  4. Inspect fences surrounding the pool to ensure locks and latches are working properly. Though it’s winter, it’s important to be sure unsupervised children are not able to access the pool while playing in the back yard.

These common sense steps take only a few minutes to complete. The time spent inspecting your swimming pool to ensure winter safety can provide great peace of mind.

Hawaiian Pool Builders designs, installs and services swimming pools from its headquarters in Holland, Ohio.  If you’re thinking of a pool for your backyard, now is the perfect time to start planning. 

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